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Construction and manufacturing are amongst the largest business sectors across Ireland and the UK. The industry is generally viewed as being volatile as it is sensitive to changes in government policy, demographic trends and the availability of finance. Dundas | Gallagher caters for a wide variety of clients within this sector, each with specific challenges and statutory requirements depending on their business structure and operations.

Small Contractors

We provide a comprehensive service for small contractors to take care of compliance across all the relevant tax regimes (Corporate Tax, Personal Tax, VAT, CIS / RCT, PAYE). We also provide advice around key issues relating to tax planning and business structure.

Large Contractors

We provide a full range of assurance services including audit, business accounts, management accounts and tax compliance. We work alongside our clients to provide proactive advice around business acquisitions and mergers, remuneration and staffing issues, business expansion and restructuring and tax planning.


In addition to assurance services, some of the main issues our clients in this sector relate to payroll costs and responsibilities, availability of working capital and statutory requirements in relation to imports and exports. We aim to ensure that not only are all statutory requirements met, but we have also assisted clients with the rationalisation and outsourcing of existing processes and changes to the business structure.

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits

Have you considered whether the business is entitled to Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits. Many of our clients were unaware that their activities, either ongoing or ad-hoc projects, met the criteria to qualify for these generous tax reliefs. At Dundas | Gallagher we have significant experience in working alongside clients to prepare R&D claims enabling the significant reduction of current and future tax liabilities, or reclaim of taxes already paid.

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